analytical microbiology
biochemical microbiology
clinical microbiology
environmental microbiology
food monitoring and quality control
high throughput sequencing
infectious diseases
medical microbiology
microbial diversity
microbial ecology
microbial genetics
microbial pathogenesis and immunology
microbial physiology
mycology, parasitology
plant-microbe interactions
protein markers/profiles
microbial proteomics
public health
radioisotopes as applied to microbiology
pharmaceutical microbiology
microbial engineering

and biotechnological aspects such as
molecular biology
cell biology
molecular diagnostics
molecular medicine
clincial biotechnology
biotechnology in therapeutics
industrial biotechnology
biotechnology and bioethics
microbial biotechnology
environmental biotechnology
biotechnology and development
pharmaceutical biotechnology
genetic engineering
plant, animal and marine biotechnology
biochemical, chemical and bioprocess engineering
method development
scale-up studies
computational aspects of biotechnology etc.
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