· Environmental Protection 
Air Pollution 
Chemical Pollution 
Climate Change 
Disasters Management 
Environmental Earth Sciences 
Environmental Geology and Rehabilitation 
Environmental Law and Policies 
Environmental Risk 
Global Environmental Protection Technology 
Global Warming 
Landfill Waste Management 
Mineral Processing, Waste Management and Recycling 
Nuclear Energy and Environmental Protection 
Pollution Control and Technologies 
Soil Environment and Soil Science in Other Disciplines 
Sustainability of Resources and Environment 
Waste Water Management and Aquaculture 
Water Engineering 
Water Resources Management and Water Quality
· Geoscience 
BioGeomarkers and Their Significance for Astrogeology and Astrobiology 
Crystallography and Mineralogy 
Education and Capacity Building in Geosciences 
Endogenous, Exogenous Petrology and Geochemistry 
Energy and Mineral Deposits 
Geographic Information Science 
Geological Collections and Museology 
Hydrology and Hydrogeology 
International Partnership in Geosciences 
Medical and Forensic Geology 
Meteorites and Planetary Geology 
Natural Hazards 
Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
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